Investor Relations

Financial communication has evolved over the last few years from merely a legal obligation to a strategic component of corporate communications. Whether you are providing more transparency to your existing shareholders or seeking renewed attention from investors, analysts or the media, financial communication has become an essential and strategic tool that integrates the company’s investment story and thesis with finance, marketing and securities laws obligations.

Trust and transparency are essential to attracting and retaining investors. The complexity of financial reporting and the changing nature of accounting and regulatory standards often make understanding a company’s true performance and prospects difficult. Investors increasingly rely on non-accounting communications to assess the strengths of a company and to aid investment decisions.

Backed by extensive experience in Investor Relations, Synergy combines a comprehensive communication expertise with a granular understanding of capital markets’ dynamics.

Synergy covers a complete range of communication skills in financial communications, helping listed and unlisted companies cope with a demanding and competitive capital markets environment.

Our financial services include:

  • In-depth reputation audit
  • Best practice recommendations and coaching in IR
  • Define and formulate your investment proposition
  • Develop investor relations program supporting your equity story
  • Coordinate communication around sensitive corporate transactions and events
  • Crisis communication, incl. shareholder issues