Public relations

Safeguarding an industry image or a company’s business, influencing product & service regulation, building up relations and goodwill with key influencers, transforming opposition into support, obtaining business critical permits, making sure your voice is heard when it is needed,…

Public affairs is the art of influencing perceptions, opinions and actions of decision makers and other influential stakeholders who impact an organisation’s business or interest. Our public affairs activities range from well-defined lobbying activities to more comprehensive ‘influencer programmes’.

Our public affairs services include:

  • Intelligence gathering
  • Political & stakeholder mapping
  • Regulatory monitoring
  • Development of public affairs strategies & action plans
  • Government relations and stakeholder outreach
  • Development of messages & tools (white papers, presentations, fact sheets, …)
  • Organising seminars, meetings and encounters in support of public affairs objectives
  • ‘Influencer programmes’ (systematically targeting key stakeholders)
  • Active representation, mediation and negotiation
  • Preparing, training and coaching clients before and during outreach activities