Training in communication

We believe our clients to be the best ambassadors of their organisation, ideas and interests. They are at the forefront of the action while talking to the media, negotiating with social partners or NGO’s, dealing with clients during a crisis, meeting political decision-makers,…

Whether they stand in the spotlights or whether they are working behind the screens, this is never an easy task.

Therefore, we pay much attention to the training and coaching of our clients. Our custom-made training sessions are brought by experts and are based on decades of practical experience.

The training sessions we offer include:

  • Media training
    • Theoretical framework: media landscape & media relations
    • Practical training: how (not) to deal with a journalist, interview techniques, how to speak in front of a camera,…
  • Crisis communication training
  • Negotiation skills & conflict management
  • Presentation skills
  • Networking
  • Introduction to public affairs & lobbying
  • ‘Belgium for dummies’: introduction to our complex country

Ongoing coaching and sounding board for managers